We Offer the Following services to our Customers

Pilotage and Mooring

We at Bluewater Marine Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provide Pilotage and Mooring...

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Agency (Paradip)

Bluewater Marine Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of ship agency...

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Vessel Inspection and Audits

Bluewater Marine integrate qualified and experienced consultants ...

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Pan India Surveying

Surveyors will evaluate the exact quantity of bunkers on board while delivering...

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Pilotage and Mooring Master Services

We at Blue Water Marine Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provide Pilotage and Mooring Master Services.
“We have highly qualified and industry experts to ensure that the safety requirements are fully adhered to and the operations are carried out in the most efficient and effective way.”

Single Buoy Moorings (SBM)

Bluewater Marine Services have attained expertise in handling VLCC size of loaded tankers.

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FPSO Moorings

We are dedicated to deliver the best of Industry experts to the Costumers for carrying out a FPSO Mooring Operation.

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Lightering Operations

We have a team of experienced and qualified STS mooring Master for Oil and Gas, who have done numerous safe operations.

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Agency (Paradip)

Blue Water Marine Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of ship agency and representation services, with a primary focus of full cargo agency attendance at Paradip, Odisha. We at Bluewater Marine Consultants do understands that time is of essence when a vessel is making a port call. We understand that good planning is critical to fast turnarounds and successful port calls, and have structured our service accordingly We have well established and independent working relationships with all terminals, stevedores, government agencies, and waterfront vendors in the port of Paradip. This enables us to turn ships around quickly and efficiently.

We are aware of the importance of strong communication and accessibility. Our staff is equipped with the latest technological resources to sustain seamless flow of information and contact with all contracted parties. We provide Port Captaincy facility for faster cargo operations and turn arounds.

Our agency services include:

  • On-board attendance of vessels
  • Customs clearance
  • Compliance with government agencies
  • Cargo documentation
  • Arrangement of inspections and surveys
  • Communications coordination
  • Cash delivery to vessels
  • Attendance to crew
  • Delivery of provisions, consumables and spare parts
  • Coordination of bunkering
  • Security arrangements
  • Verification of Proforma and disbursement accounts
  • Receipt of funding and vendor payments
  • Documentation review and management
  • Monitoring cargo and vessel movements

Paradip Port Information

Vessel Inspection and Audits

Blue water Marine integrate qualified and experienced consultants having proficiency of conducting pre-purchase, condition, cargo and damage surveys, ISM and ISPS audits. Training for the multiple categories can be prearranged on board, at the client’s site or in selected venues as suitable.

  • Pre-purchase and condition surveys
  •  Pre-vetting surveys
  • ISM/ISPS/MLC audits
  • Navigation audits

Pan India Surveying

Bunker Survey

Surveyors will evaluate the exact quantity of bunkers on board while delivering it to the Ship’s Owners. They will collect the necessary tank soundings, estimate the readings and match up to the calibration tables, measuring the net density and actual temperatures. Plus, the will calculate the sum total bunkers followed by issuing a bunker statement at the end. All of this will be carried out together with the chief engineer. We lay emphasis on the fact- number of ship owners leave the above procedure to the vessel’s chief engineer. Most of the time they are not familiar with the sounding tables of the barge, the manner of sounding and unpumpables in the tanks, this results in a bunker quantity dispute after completion of bunkering. The then appointed surveyor will not be able to evaluate the condition before initiation of bunkering, which may hamper the analysis and investigations. Hence we strongly recommend appointing a surveyor prior to carrying out Bunker operations.

On/Off hire Surveys

Whether you are the Charterer or the Owner of a vessel, it is vital to have the pre-checks of the vessel's state assessed at the beginning and conclusion of a charter period. Our surveyors skillfully inspect the vessel's certificates along with all compartments and elements of the vessel which is supposed to be used by the Charterer. The survey report that you will be given can be of assistance to validate the claims from Owners towards Charterers or to refuse a claim towards the Charterer.

Draft Survey

Our surveyor will evaluate the actual displacement, prior to & after loading or discharging, & the difference between two displacements. Now, this will be corrected with the consumables used or bunkers taken on board at the time of loading or discharge. The net result signifies the weight of the cargo. The displacement will be evaluated as per the international guidelines and involve initial & final surveys. Both the survey results are entered in a computer-based programme, which will determine the ultimate figures. Our surveyor will measure up to the evaluated quantity with shore figures and Bill of Lading figures. To end with, he will collect his findings and put forward a report of the draught survey.


Our Surveyors have a broad knowledge in surveying various ranges of dry cargo and liquid cargoes for Pre-shipment Inspections as well as Delivery Schedules.

Dry Cargo:

  • Iron Ore
  • Minerals
  • Coal
  • Animal Feed
  • Fertilizers
  • Grain

Liquid Cargo :

  • Crude
  • Petroleum Products
  • Chemicals
  • Edible And Non Edible Oils

Well-qualified and experienced Surveyors perform draft Surveys & Ullage Surveys. Cargo sampling is executed in accordance with the appropriate Trade/ ISO guidelines. Also, Sample analysis is initiated at recognized laboratories.

Pre-Purchase Survey

We execute Pre-Purchase surveys.  We deeply understand the importance of prompt reporting in purchase making decisions.  Hence, Preliminary reports are sent with representative photographs within 24 hours of finishing the survey. Entirely illustrated Final report is posted within 72 hours of concluding the Pre-Purchase inspection. Our Survey report includes a complete reflection of the vessel's condition with a decision-making summary and a collection of about 75 to 125 photographs.